(ukr): "Derjavnyj Arhiv Odeskoj Oblasti"  |  (rus): "Gosudarstvennyj Arhiv Odesskoj Oblasti"


18, Zhukovskogo Street, Odessa, 65026, Ukraine         tel.: (+380 48) 722-93-65,  fax: (+380 48) 722-80-25


Код ЄДРПОУ | EDRPOU Code (The unified State register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine)    03494385


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Director of the State archives of Odessa region

Petro Lukyanchuk

tel.: (+380 48) 722-93-65



Deputy Director - chief of Organizational and Staff Department

Olena Ksendzik

tel.: (+380 48) 722-93-65



Chief of Dept. of Information, Publication of Documents and External Relations

Alyona Martinenko

tel.: (+380 48) 722-53-05, 725-12-19




Chief of Dept. of Creating the National Archival Fund and Record Management

Galina Uspenskaya

tel.: (+380 48) 722-85-15




Chief of Dept. of Preservation and Registration of Records

Svitlana Vinoglovskaya

tel.: (+380 48) 718-92-01




Chief of Dept. of Scientific-Directory Apparatus (Catalogue)

Olena Shtepko, PhD

tel.: (+380 48) 718-95-79




Chief of  Dept. of Financial, Economic and Logistical support

Alla Mashkova

tel.: (+380 48) 722-80-25





Organizational and Staff Department: (+380 48) 7229365

Functions: Methodological assistance, inspecting 7 municipal and 26 district archives in Odessa Region, control under their record management; conducting lectures and courses on the archival science and record management; stuff management.

Dept. of Information, Publication of Documents and External Relations:

Functions: The Archives conduct numerous services for various organization, private individuals which involve the following:
-   fulfillment of requests from organizations and private persons;
-   genealogical research on behalf of various ethnic assosiations such as Germans, Mennonites, Jews, Greeks, Italians, Bulgarians, Swiss, French etc.
-   copying various available documents upon requests;
-   assistance to visiting researchers in Reading Room;
-   conducting ongoing scientific research;
-   training future historians and archivists, practice for students;
-   publishing the results of research;
-   popularizing the archival work and sourсе of the archives in mass media – radio, TV, newspapers;
-   coducting еxhibitions and lectures both for scholars and general public;
-   participating in conferences;
-   participating in join international projects.

Dept. of Creating the National Archival Fund and Record Management: (+380 48) 7228515

Functions: Methodological assistance, inspecting departmental archives and control under their record management; cooperation with municipal and district archives in the Odessa Region; finding of sources for documental integration; conducting expert evaluation of records prior to their acceptance; receiving funds from various institutions; assistance in the records management in various agencies; conducting lectures and courses on the archival science and record management.

Dept. of Preservation and Registration of Records: (+380 48) 7189201

Functions: Preserving records, registering the funds, taking care of the depository: control under humidity, temperature and physical state of document; providing archivists and researchers in the Search Room with files. Compiling guides, reference books and reviews on archival funds and documents, research projects. Restorating documents, copying records, other technical functions.

Dept. of Scientific-Directory Apparatus (Catalogue): (+380 48) 7189579

Functions: Classification of records and collections. Compiling inventories. Creation of catalogues (name, subject and geographical indexes). Compiling guides, reference books and reviews, data bases on archival funds and documents; participating in research projects and consulting researchers.