International Scientific Conference "Economic and Social Development of the port cities of the Northern Black Sea Region"

September 22-26, 2013. Employees of the State Archives of Odessa Region - Liliya Belousova, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Elena Shtepko, Chief Researcher, Svetlana Herasimova, 1st Category Archivist, Sergei Berezin, Leading Specialist - took part in the First International Conference "Economic and Social Development of Northern Black Sea Port Cities (late XVIII - early XX centuries)" which was held at the Odessa Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture as a part of the project «The Black Sea and its Port-cities».

Organizers: Ionic University (Corfu, Greece; project manager - Professor Dzhelina Harlafti) and Hellenic Research Foundation (Athens; project manager – Professor Eurydice Sifneu), with the support of the Odessa branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (Director - Sofronis Paradisopulos) and the State Archives of Odessa Region (head of the working group - Deputy Director of the Archives, Ph.D. Liliya Belousova). International scientific conference is a part of the program "Thales", which is financed by the EU and the Ministry of Education of Greece. The conference was attended by scientists from nine countries: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Great Britain, the United States and Greece.

At the conference were presented researches on the project aimed at the identification, analysis and synthesis of economic and social development of the 20 Black Sea city-ports - cities that formed a single market, which was the largest grain exporting region in the world in the XIX – early XX centuries. Concentrating on the Black Sea region and its ports, the participants of the conference discussed a range of issues in the following areas: problems of archival studies and bibliography; history of development of Russian cities and ports; urban landscape; society and culture; education, charity and religion; economy and infrastructure; development of trade and merchant activity; transport infrastructure; shipping organization; relations with Western Europe.

Employees of the State Archive of Odessa region made presentations at the conference by the following themes:

- "Odessa of the late XVIII – early XIX Centuries in the Unexplored Documents of the State Archives of Odessa Region: Problems of Lost Sources and Restoration of Information" (Liliya Belousova, Ph.D.);

- "Social and Charitable Activities Sturdz-Gagarin Dynasty in Odessa" (Svetlana Herasimova);

- "Zmiinyi Island as an Important Communication Center of Northwest Black Sea Region in the late XVIII - early XX centuries" (Elena Shtepko);

- "Archival Documents on the History of the Classical System of Science and Education in the South of the Russian Empire in the XIX - early XX Centuries as a Source of Studying the Formation of Social Infrastructure in the port-cities of Northern Black Sea Region" (Sergei Berezin).


More about the conference - in the photo report of Odessa Branch of the Hellenic Foundation of Culture


During the conference scientists visited the State Archives of Odessa Region, got acquainted with conditions of documents storage, with the work of the reading room, publications of the Archives and other areas and forms of usage of unique sources.

Materials of the International Conference will be open to public on the website of Scientific Research Project "Black Sea Ports", collection of reports will be published in the near future.



Information about the conference can be found on the websites:

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